Laura Fischer is a catalyst who inspires and guides others to: live their life now, embrace their uniqueness and consciously create their fabulous life.

She escaped the expected norm of staying in a job that had financial and advancing growth benefits but also slowly beat her down because: long hours left little time for a personal life, the stress affected her weight and overall health, and the negative environment drained her daily. She had achieved success in various positions, yet she longed for a deeper connection and passion to her work. Heartbreaking personal life experiences woke her up to realize that doing nothing or waiting for the proverbial “right time” was no longer an option, and prompted her into action. Her job did not allow her to live the life she was craving: a healthy life, with success and balance, full of travel as well as time with friends and family. She made a bold move and left corporate America to find a life she could be excited to wake up to. In return she found adventure, love, lots of laughs and a job she is passionate about.

Laura’s vast experience, education and belief that everyone is entitled to LIVE NOW lead her to a career as a transition coaching. She helps high achieving women (and occasionally men) break free from survival mode and what is holding them back personally or professionally to shift to the next exciting more fulfilling chapter of their life. Everyone deserves the opportunity to live an amazing life! The work has changed her clients lives and the experience has changed hers.

She is on a mission, to create a LIVE NOW movement where women:

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